WBD logistics BV NL reputation and integrity can only be built by continuously strengthening ethical rules and procedures.

Our growth is guided and guided by our fundamental principles of integrity and transparency, applied scrupulously and without exception to employees, shareholders, customers in the public and private sectors, suppliers, competitors and partners. Our Code of Ethics is integral and all employees, in their day-to-day work, we need to share the same clear values and comply with the same rules of personal and collective behavior that Alstom defines as an ethical company.

SBD LOGISTIEK BV NL The integrity program includes all the rules, training programs and procedures that Alstom makes a company whose practice is one of the most advanced in terms of ethics and compliance. It has been developed with considerable effort in recent years, so that we can all understand and be invested in a mission that is central to the policy of SBD LOGISTIEK BV NL

Our values and ethical rules are the source of pride and unity in the management of logistics BV NL. They are one of our most valuable assets, and we will continue to use them as a source of strength and leadership. For our successful future it is important that each of our employees support the daily commitment to apply the Code of Ethics and promote it both within our teams and in the outside world.

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